Sunday, September 25, 2022

The PERFECT Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Bag Stuffer! MINI-BUTTONS!

These Halloween-themed 1"-diameter Mini Buttons are just the thing to use as trick-or-treat bag stuffers or Halloween party favors!
And they won't rot kids' teeth!
A "win-win" for parents!
Your house will become Halloween Central when everyone discovers you're giving away these unique items, which kids trade and collect and stick on everything from jackets to backpacks to sweatshirts to hats!
You can mix-and-match with several different design 10-packs at $19.99 each or a 100-pack of a single design for only $79.99!
(That's less than 8 cents per button! Cheaper than most brand-name candy!)
Order now, to get them in time for Halloween!

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