Thursday, January 20, 2022

Reading Room STRANGE ADVENTURES "Radioactive Invasion of Earth!"

Remember when obsessed sci-fi toy collectors almost doomed the Earth...
...and only rock and roll music could save us?
Good thing we're here to remind you...
Writer Gardner Fox was noted for his scientific accuracy and meticulously-plotted stories.
So why did he have scientists handling radioactive material without protective clothing or shielding?
Otherwise, this tale from DC's Strange Adventures #84 (1957) makes total, logical, sense!
Note: the story, penciled by Sid Greene and inked by Bernard Sachs has only been reprinted once, in Showcase Presents Strange Adventures Volume 2 (2013), and only in black and white!
Wonder why they're keeping it so well hidden?
Think about that next time you're ordering toys from Sideshow or some other vendor...and note if the toys give off a weird, unearthly glow...
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