Saturday, July 24, 2021

Space Force Saturdays SPACE WORLDS "Midnight Horror"

Our final story from Space Squadron/Space Worlds features yet another scheme by Edgar Revere...
....the strip's resident cowardly Baltar/Dr Smith-type and son of esteemed Space Squadron commander Blast Revere!
Ignore the fact that outer space itself is a vacuum, so the Earth couldn't leave a "vacuum trail", and the story's quite entertaining!
Sadly, Edgar never received his just desserts in the strip.
Illustrated by Allen Bellman, this never-reprinted tale from Atlas' Space Worlds #6 (1952) was the final adventure of the Space Squadron before they jetted off into publishing limbo.
Next week: we've run out of stories from Speed Carter: SpaceMan and Space Squadron, but there's still a gallery of kool covers from both series that you'll see next week, along with info about what will follow in the Saturday posting slot!

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