Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday Fun / Trump Reading Room LOOIE LAZYBONES "Bride fer Kissing Tim!"

Let's look in on the role model of Don da Con's deplorables...

...(except for his honesty, integrity, and chivalry) in this never-reprinted tale from Nedor's Thrilling Comics #71 (1949).
Created in 1943, Looie Lazybones floated around the Nedor Comics line as a "filler" strip until settling down in Thrilling Comics as of #56 (1946).

Young up-and-comer Frank Frazetta took over the art in #67 (1948) bringing it amazingly-close to the visual style of the strip's "inspiration", Al Capp's Li'l Abner, which had already become a media sensation, with a radio show, feature film, and tons of merchandising (including a solo comic about Abner, an anthology about Dogpatch, a title dedicated to Wolf Girl, and a book about the Shmoos)!
Frazetta's Looie was so close, in fact, that Capp hired him to "ghost" Li'l Abner in 1954!
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