Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday Madness / CoronaVirus Comics BLUE BEETLE COMICS "Rob Ripley: Wizard of Science"

Indiana Jones isn't the only archeologist-adventurer dealing with supernatural forces!
This guy, in search of an ancient cure, did it in this never-reprinted story from Fox/Holyoke's Blue Beetle Comics #27 (1943)
Man-of-action archeologist!
Accompanied by his girlfriend/sidekick!
Sent by a secret agency!
Recovers ancient secret!
Encounters incomprehensible/unexplainable deity!
All he lacks is a fedora, leather jacket and whip! 
Illustrated by Sam Cooper, and written by an unknown writer ("Jerry Maxwell" was a pen-name) this "pilot" tale never went to series.
Too bad, It's actually as good as many strips that had long lives during the Golden Age...
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