Saturday, July 28, 2018

Reading Room RIOT "Pascal the Rascal"

In 1956, one of the many MAD clones did a spoof of the then incredibly-hot new comic strip...
...Dennis the Menace illustrated by an artist whose identity you probably won't guess!
Was I right?
Did you guess who it was?
Atlas' MAD rip-off RIOT #6 (1956) ended the book's run with some spectacular (and never-reprinted) artwork by Bill Everett, John Severin, Dan DeCarlo and this piece by an unrecognizable Joe Maneely!
Joe, whose art normally looked like this...
...totally-suppressed his own style to match Hank Ketcham's style down to the thickness of the linework while making the character look just different enough to avoid copyright and trademark infringement!
It was a beautiful job, and an example of this amazingly-ignored artist!
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