Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump Reading Room aka the Outhouse HICKORY "Reel Life"

Let's have a look at how some see Don (the Con) Trump's "deplorables"... this never-reprinted tale from Quality's Hickory #6 (1949)
Illustrated (and probably written) by Harry Sahle, this comic series began in the anthology All-Humor Comics, then spun-off into it's own, short-lived, title when All-Humor was cancelled.
In 1948-49, superheroes were all but kaput.
Comics were experimenting with every genre imaginable to see what would sell.
Li'l Abner was a major success in newspapers and had already spawned a radio series and feature film!
Strips like Looie Lazybones had long been a part of anthology titles, and series like Ozark Ike, and Babe had earned their own titles, though it was probably due more to their emphasis on the characters' involvement in sports than their rural origins.
Hickory, the comic, only lasted six issues.
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