Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reading Room: SOLAR LEGION "Enter Adam Starr"

Where there's a frontier, mankind tends to create a police force to keep "law and order"...
...though at this point, it's a tale of a solo vigilante, unemcumbered by governmental restrictions!
Proving the old trope that space opera is just "horse opera" (Old West stories) with ray guns instead of six-shooters, this all-Jack Kirby (writing and art) production from Tem Publishing's Crash Comics Adventures #1 (1940) shows both Kirby's limitless potential and his relative inexperience.
He was only 23 when he did this tale, so "borrowing" the basic plot from the most popular genre in media at the time was quite excusable.
The demonstration of Kirby's imagination, which was just beginning to kick into high gear, is the epic scope of the tale, spanning the solar system with a tale that, today, would be an entire issue, but he fits into just five pages!
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