Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Reading Room CAPTAIN JOHNER AND THE ALIENS "Case of Nerves"

...we've neglected the humans traveling on the alien ship!
Yes, its Tuesday, and we usually run CJatA on Mondays, but it was Memorial Day, and we took the day off!
Now on to the unusual art in this story from Gold Key's Magnus, Robot Fighter #6 (1964).
The areas of color without black lines are called "color holds".
Before computer coloring, they were incredibly-difficult to do properly!
Creator/artist Russ Manning used "keyline" (red line art) to indicate where the areas for color were to be...
...because red ink photographs like black ink on the printer's film and the original negative would have both the red and black lines as guides for the color overlay cutters to trim to.
(note Manning's instructions to the printer on the euuper-left of the page.
But once the colors were cut, the red ink areas would be erased on the black printer's film, leaving just the black line art and the color areas with no holding lines!

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