Friday, May 8, 2015

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Invasion"

We wind up our week of "lost" stories with...
...a pencil and ink job by Silver Age legend Don Heck!
Heck had an undeserved reputation as a hack artist, mostly due to poor inking by actual hacks like Vince Colletta, who was notorious for leaving out pencilers' linework.
When he had a good inker or inked himself, his work was on a par with any of the other acknowledged greats of the field.
But since he was almost as fast a penciler as Jack Kirby, publishers didn't utilize his inking talents as often as they could've.
This tale hasn't been seen since it appeared in the back of DC's Adventure Comics #424 (1972).
We're pleased to present it (and the other stories we've featured this week) to an audience that was probably unaware of their existence.

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