Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reading Room: LANCE LEWIS: SPACE DETECTIVE "Amoeba Men of Saturn"

Yet another Golden Age interstellar law enforcer joins our blog... he meets the first of two alien races who will become his arch-foes, and rescues the woman who will become his constant...(ahem)...friend and companion!
Referred to as both "Saturnians" and "Amoeba Men", these aliens would return to wage a full-scale interplanetary war with Earth.
This story from Nedor/Standard's Mystery Comics #4 (1944) was Lance's second appearance ever.
Both the writer and artist are currently unknown, even to the Grand Comic Database.
Since Mystery Comics was cancelled as of #4, Lance moved over to Startling Comics, where he became the cover feature from his premiere in #44 to the book's demise as of #53.
Several years after this series ended, an unrelated Space Detective series with art by Wally Wood and Joe Orlando ran in its own title at Avon Comics.

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