Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reading Room: LOST WORLDS "Quest of the Chlorophyll Monsters"

Before reading this story, lots of kids didn't know what "chlorophyll" was...
...and they say comic books aren't educational!
This scientifically-semi-accurate tale from Standard's Lost Worlds #5 (1952) was penciled by Jack Katz and inked by Aldo "Al" Rubano.
(A traveling planet's surface would freeze during the periods it was in interstellar space, making it unusable for growing plants.
Plus, in deep space, the mobile world wouldn't receive enough sunlight to stimulate the chlorophyll in plants to function.
Theoretically, the aliens could use hydroponic gardens with artificially-produced "sunlight" in caverns inside the planet, but that's not mentioned in the story.)
The writer is unknown.
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