Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Over-Sized Pop-Art Shirts!

We're expanding our line of kool kollectibles to include a line of shirts with even BIGGER image areas on the front (and where applicable) the back.
This new line of shirts has an image area of 11" wide by 17" high, plus they're made by ethically-conscious American Apparel and Anvil KnitWear!
Among the designs at this new location are Flesh (NOT Flash) Gordon, Giant Generic Asian Monster, Only REAL Americans in Arizona! (It's NOT what you think!), two Robin Hood comic book designs, and two Kooba Kola designs, with MORE to come!
Order them a size larger than normal and use them as beachwear over your swimsuits (or as tops if you don't use swimsuits at all!)
Bookmark the page, cause we'll be adding MORE stuff regularly over the next few months...

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