Thursday, April 15, 2010


I go to Borders Books on a fairly regular basis.
Have a Borders Rewards account, and the coupons prove invaluable for saving money both for myself and for gifts!
This week's coupon was for dvd and music box sets.
While I didn't find the dvd set I was looking for (Torchwood: Children of Earth, btw) I did find The Comics: the Complete Collection by Brian Walker (which combines the two previous volumes into one MASSIVE hardcover) for only...wait for it...$9.97! It's normally $19.99!

I collect these sort of reference books with abandon!
I have Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics, Penguin Book of Comics, all Ron Goulart's books, etc.
But, up to now, even the reasonable $19.99 price point was just a bit much on my currently-tight budget.
But $9.97!!!
Even though I almost got a hernia lugging it home, it was worth it!

Brian Walker is a comic strip writer-artist himself (Beetle Bailey and Hi & Lois) as well as the son of legendary creator Mort Walker.
The book is filled not only with stuff from his family's personal collection, unseen by the general public, but stories and anecdotes that were previously-known only to industry insiders!

Pick it up (if you's HEAVY!)  ;-)

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