Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We're BACK on FaceBook!

A couple of years ago, we set up shop on FaceBook.
Shortly after that, we suffered a major hard-drive crash.
Though we had done weekly backups, the crash occurred after our last backup, and our FaceBook info was lost.
Attempts to retrieve the passwords via FaceBook's help (and, I use the word loosely) pages were futile.
So the page lay unchanged for a couple of years, though people tended to find it when Googling "Atomic Kommie"
Now, at long last, were back up and running on a NEW FaceBook page!
Stop by and BookMark it!
We'll be adding to it often.
(And please be gentle, we're newbs at this!) ;-)

Note: Because of demand, We're leaving our 2nd Design of the Week (The Dillinger is Coming! design) up for another week!

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