Thursday, July 26, 2018

Reading Room ALIEN ENCOUNTERS "Invasion!"

Hostile, technologically-advanced aliens are coming our way!
Can we defeat them in only two pages?
The "menacing aliens are no threat because they're too small" trope is an old one, going back to golden-age comics.
My personal favorite, because of its' simple, effective storytelling by one of my all-time favorites, can be found HERE!
This never-reprinted Tim Truman written/illustrated "sci-fi Western" tale is from Eclipse's Alien Encounters #4 (1986).
There's a wealth of material from 1980s anthologies that has not seen the light of day since publication, and we will dip into this treasure trove of material as we find/acquire them!
BTW, "Fer SRB" on page 1 refers to fellow writer/artist Stephen R Bissette, presumably because the aliens resemble his creature designs.
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