Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder CARSON OF VENUS "Into the Noobolian Valley"

..."good, friendly people"?
On Amtor, aka Venus?
Alas, time won't tell, since this was the last chapter of the adaptation of Burroughs' Lost on Venus published!
After the previous chapter appeared in DC's Korak: Son of Tarzan #56 (1974), the strip bounced over to its' brother title, DC's Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle #230 (1974) for this one appearance!
Why the strip didn't continue remains a mystery...
Oddly enough, when Korak was re-tooled into the Tarzan Family anthology, combining Tarzan and Korak with the John Carter and Pelucidar strips that had lost their home in Weird Worlds, Carson of Venus also came along...reprinting the strip from the beginning!
Ironically, even the reprinting of the unfinished series was incomplete, ending with the next-to-last chapter of Pirates of Venus, "Duare, Princess of Venus"!
To date, even Dark Horse, (who's reprinting practically everything Burroughs that's been published in four-color form) hasn't issued a compilation of the Carson of Venus series!
You may note the name "Phil Trumbo" under Kaluta's name on the splash page.
Phil is a fellow artist and long-time friend of Kaluta's (going back to the late 1960s) who worked on a number of projects with him, usually uncredited.
Trumbo's still active, working in comics, animation, and licensed publishing and you can see his site HERE.
Next Wednesday, we go from the sublime to the ridiculous as we leave Wein and Kaluta's exquisite Carson of Venus for...well, just be here for it!
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