Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder CARSON OF VENUS "Babes in the Woods"

Note: this tale might be NSFW due to the alien cannibals' (Noobargan) ape-like appearance!
It wasn't unusual for early sci-fi writers to pattern aliens after stereotypes of non-white humans like Africans, Asians, or Native Americans!
Hell, James Cameron patterned Avatar's Na'vi after the classic stereotype of "primitive yet noble savage" Africans and Native Americans...and that was only a decade ago!
The adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Lost on Venus continues under the typewriter. pencil, pen and brush of Mike Kaluta in DC's Korak: Son of Tarzan #56 (1974).
It's the last appearance of the strip in this book, which goes on for a couple of issues before changing format.
But, it's not the last we see of Kaluta's version of Carson, Duare, and the other inhabitants of Amtor (aka Venus), as you will see next week!
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  1. Kaluta's artwork on Carson of Venus was outstanding and I'm surprised it has not (to my knowledge at least) been collected in any way. You are reminding me how scrumptious it was.

    Rip Off

    1. Sadly, Wein/Kaluta's adaptation of Lost on Venus ended midway through the novel, and I guess Dark Horse (who is currently reprinting Burroughs material from various publishers), could figure out how to present it without a conclusion.
      I guess getting Kaluta to finish it now is out of the question...


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