Monday, April 16, 2018

Reading Room "COMIC BOOK" McFIEND "Collector"

We've presented stories featuring fanboys SuperSnipe and "Comics" McCormick... we present the too-brief run of DC's Bronze Age fanboy, starting with his second tale, which was published first!
Appearing in DC's b/w magazine, Amazing World of DC Comics #6 (1975), this piece was meant to show off cover-featured creator Joe Orlando's editorial skills.
(Exactly how, I have no idea!)
Written by Don Ewing and rendered by Dave Manak, this was the second in a series of fanboy misadventures featuring the character, who was meant to be a semi-regular feature in Plop!
Oddly enough, the book was still going strong at this point, and there was no room for this particular strip.
A year later, the book was being cancelled, and the first McFiend story (his origin) was used to fill out the final issue.
You'll see that one next Monday!
1) there were few comic shops in 1975, so this ongoing magazine was available by subscription from DC or at conventions.
They're HTF and expensive!
2) neither of the Comic Book McFiend tales have been reprinted since their initial appearances in 1975-76!
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