Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Reading Room BLUE BEETLE "Lost City"

Before Steve Ditko revamped the Blue Beetle at Charlton...
...there was a short-lived, never-reprinted, campy version in his own book, which also featured 3-page sci-fi/fantasy backups like this one!
"What is this singular pronoun that you use? 'I', you say...not 'we'!"
The writer is unknown, but clearly not Charlton mainstay Joe Gill, who penned far more naturalistic dialogue than that!
Who drew this never-reprinted tale from Charlton's Blue Beetle V2#2 (1964)?
The Grand Comics DataBase speculates it was Bill Montes, Jon D'Agastino and/or Vince Alascia.
But I can also see some Matt Baker, Joe Sinnott and/or Vince Colletta stylings on these pages!
We may never know the answer...
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