Tuesday, April 3, 2018

50 Years Ago Today...2001 Arrived!

No, I haven't gone senile...yet!
On this date in 1968, Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: a Space Odyssey, hit movie theatres like an atom bomb!
Eight years after that, a comic adaptation finally appeared...in the now-defunct, tabloid-sized "Treasury" format by none other than Jack (King) Kirby...
(You can read it at this amazing site!)
...followed by an ongoing series by Kirby that, to this day, generates controversy among comics aficionados!
Due to licensing limitations, neither the movie adaptation or the sequel series have been reprinted in the US, but we've re-presented the complete set of these otherwise lost tales on this blog!
Click on the titles below the covers to go to each story!
Blow Your Mind, True Believer!
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