Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Reading Room PLASM "The Sedition Agenda: Prologue 'The Death of Love' " Conclusion alternate dimension/universe where Plasm, a world of humanoids using organic technology, dominates the region!
With their technology requiring constant intake of organic material as both fuel and construction material, the Plasmoids prize professional "seekers" like Lorca above all others in their society...except the ruling class.
But Lorca has begun to feel guilt about destroying all others the Plasmoids encounter simply to sustain their society.
And he's begun to question the "groupthink" that restrains individualism and free thought...
With an intriguing start like this, you may well ask...what happened?
Marvel Comics happened!
You can read the gory details HERE.
End result: Defiant Comics was gone in two years!
Sad, eh?
Depending upon the audience response, we may present more tales of Plasm and the Defiant Comics multiverse.
It's up to you, dear readers!
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