Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reading Room PLASM "The Sedition Agenda: Prologue 'The Death of Love' " Part 1

There have been numerous comic companies that lasted only a couple of years...
...with Defiant Comics being one of the examples of a company who had all the right ingredients, but failing to achieve long-term success!
Their first, and longest-running title was Warriors of Plasm, which began with a unique #0 issue...

The Story Continues...Next Wednesday!
Conceived by Jim Shooter, fresh off his success at Valiant Comics, the tale sets up the Defiant Universe (actually a "multiverse" since this dimension and Earth's dimension, which it will soon interact with, are separate) and introduces us to the world of Plasm, where technology is organic and must be "fed" with other organic material in order to continue functioning!
You may ask "what makes this #0 issue so unique?"
Look at the page layouts.
Every page adheres to a grid pattern.
There's a good reason for that.
This entire issue was designed to be printed as trading cards!
So the panels, and most importantly, the captions and word balloons, all had to fit on what would be a "page" composed of nine cards!
No cutting-off titles, captions, or word balloons on seperate cards!
Here's Page 5 as a comic page...
...and here's how the cards that make up Page 5 look when placed in the album...
In addition, the cards were printed two-sided so that the cards of Page 1 had Page 2 on their backs, the cards of Page 3 had Page 4 on their backs, and so on!
Even so, the card set ran 150 cards, including four groups of chase cards which were rarer than the story cards!
And, of course, you had no idea what cards you'd get in a given pack!
You can see the complete set of cards HERE.
Be here next week for the rest of the comic story and more background about Defiant!
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