Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reading Room 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY "Hotline to Hades" Conclusion

...sentient robot X-51/Aaron Stack/Mister Machine has been disassembled by the Brotherhood of Hades and his brain is about to be probed by the group's leader...The Great Monitor!
Written and penciled by Jack Kirby, inked by Mike Royer, this final issue of Marvel's 2001: a Space Odyssey kicks-off the saga of Machine Man, but is not included in the current trade paperback compilation of his solo appearances due to licensing restrictions tied to the legendary MGM movie, which this series was a sequel to!

Six months later, in early 1978, Jack continued  X-51/Aaron Stack's story in the first issue of Machine Man (because "Mister Machine" was trademarked by Ideal Toys) .
Kirby would stay on the book until his contract with Marvel ended in late 1978.
The book was cancelled with #9, then, after a multi-part guest appearance in Incredible Hulk 235-237 (which placed the character firmly in the Marvel Universe), the title was revived with writer Marv Wolfman and artist Steve Ditko reimagining the character, who's become a major part of Marvel ever since!
But you can read all that stuff in the trade paperback compilation now on sale at Amazon!
Tomorrow, we'll have a look at another robot (with a Marvel comic connection) who fought evil while disassembled!
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