Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reading Room (JOURNEY INTO) UNKNOWN WORLDS "Monster of Moog"

...with the lead (but not cover-featured) story!
(That one was featured HERE.)
If there was ever a single story that encapsulated almost all the classic cliches of bad sci-fi, this one is it!
On the other hand, if features some early Russ Heath art unseen since 1950!
So just put your brain on "pause" and enjoy...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Reading Room (JOURNEY INTO) UNKNOWN WORLDS "Prisoner of TIme"

Here's a weird tale, even by the loose standards of 1950s sci-fi...
...and told by persons unknown!

Neither the writer nor artist(s) for this never-reprinted story from Atlas' Unknown Worlds #36 (1950) have been conclusively identified, though some think longtime Atlas/Marvel production pro Sol Brodsky penciled it.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reading Room (JOURNEY INTO) UNKNOWN WORLDS "Strange Car!"'s a never-reprinted story of autos, aliens, and alternate universes!
If the police found the body of the alien, Earl would've been charged with murder as well.
Perhaps they found the body, saw it was alien in nature, and thought it was a manikin?
This tale from Atlas' Unknown Worlds #36 (1950) has an odd pedigree.
The inker has been positively-identified as Russ Heath, but the penciler and writer are both unknown.
Tomorrow: Another long-lost Journey into Unknown Worlds!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reading Room (JOURNEY INTO) UNKNOWN WORLDS "End of the Earth"

There's a lot of never-reprinted Atlas/Marvel comics out there...
...including almost all of this anthology series!
By not accepting handouts from others, mankind is taught to, once more, be self-sufficient! 
Earth will not be a welfare state!
Illustrated by Vernon Henkel, this never-reprinted cover and feature from Atlas' Unknown Worlds #36 (1950) is typical of sci-fi comics of the 1940s-early 1950s (pre-EC Comics' sci-fi line)
BTW, though the book is #36, it's really #1!
The previous issues were titled Teen Comics, before that, All-Teen Comics, and before that, All-Winners Comics!
Also note, I called it "Unknown Worlds", even though the cover says "Journey into Unknown Worlds"!
The indicia (which lists the actual title in official records) leaves out the "Journey into...", so that's what we, and indexers, go by.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stephen Colbert is Tek Jansen / Tek Jansen IS Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump is Stephen Colbert's guest tonight...
...but before you witness that Clash of Titans, have a look at Colbert's lost masterpiece...
The Origin of Tek Jansen!
Not available on DVD/BluRay!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Reading Room EERIE ADVENTURES "Perfect Hideout"

It's a sci-fi tale!
It's a horror story!
It's a parable about how crime never pays!'s all these things...and more!
Illustrated by Gerald McCann, this tale from Ziff-Davis' one-shot Eerie Adventures (1951) shares a title with several other 1940s-50s tales from other publishers.
None of the others were sci-fi, but standard crime tales...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Happy" Anniversary, North Korea!

To celebrate the upcoming 70th Anniversary of the founding of North Korea...
...we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ decided to re-present art showing how pop culture (in particular, comic books), portrayed the 1950s Korean Police Action to the American public during the hostilities!
Well. they did it like this...
...and like this!
We're offering these rarely-seen classics of pop art to a modern audience on a kool 12-month calendar featuring a dozen classic 1950s comic covers, all digitally-restored and remastered directly from the actual books!
For those who wish to relive those days, or those who hope the end result this time will be the same as last time, this is the Korean Anniversary present for them!

Let Kim Jong Un BEWARE!
We did it before and we can do it AGAIN!