Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reading Room (JOURNEY INTO) UNKNOWN WORLDS "End of the Earth"

There's a lot of never-reprinted Atlas/Marvel comics out there...
...including almost all of this anthology series!
By not accepting handouts from others, mankind is taught to, once more, be self-sufficient! 
Earth will not be a welfare state!
Illustrated by Vernon Henkel, this never-reprinted cover and feature from Atlas' Unknown Worlds #36 (1950) is typical of sci-fi comics of the 1940s-early 1950s (pre-EC Comics' sci-fi line)
BTW, though the book is #36, it's really #1!
The previous issues were titled Teen Comics, before that, All-Teen Comics, and before that, All-Winners Comics!
Also note, I called it "Unknown Worlds", even though the cover says "Journey into Unknown Worlds"!
The indicia (which lists the actual title in official records) leaves out the "Journey into...", so that's what we, and indexers, go by.

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