Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reading Room REX HAVOC "Spud from Another World! or Who Grows There?" Conclusion

...a research base in the Arctic is under siege by an alien who had been trapped in the ice for millennia, but was accidentally-defrosted by the military.
In the ensuing battle, the alien escaped, but left behind a severed arm, which the scientists analyze...
Rex's second tale from Warren's 1984 #5 (1978) takes the classic 1950s movie Thing from Another World, adds a couple of elements from the extremely-different John Campbell short story "Who Goes There?" it was based upon, adds a healthy dose of snark, shakes well, and produces this entertaining spoof.
Note: the suppporting characters are given the names of the actors' who played their counterparts in the original film.
For example, the base commander, named "Hendry" in the movie, is "Tobey" here.
Kenneth Tobey played Hendry in the movie.
Oddly, when Warren published a Rex Havoc one-shot a couple of years later, this tale was the only Rex Havoc tale not included!

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