Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reading Room VENUS COMICS "Last Rocket"

We ran a similarly-named (but totally-different) tale HERE...
...but this is no "Adam & Eve on Future/Past Earth" story like that other one, though it does involve a man and a woman...
BTW, the ships are heading for Saturn, not Jupiter!
(Jupiter's rings weren't discovered until 1979, 30 years after this story was published!)
The Imperial Fleet's recruiters apparently will take anyone (as George Bush's army recruiters did with Bowe Bergdahl after the Coast Guard rejected him), since an entire flight of ships turns traitor at the first word from their commander!
It's also too bad we don't actually get to see the conflict, since artist Joe Maneely was superb at doing sci-fi comics as shown HERE!
The writer for this story from Atlas' Venus Comics #10 (1950) is unknown
BTW, the Next Issue promo was only half-right.
While the main Venus story in #11 was "End of the World", "Slaves of the Sultan" was never published.

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