Saturday, September 27, 2014

Reading Room ALIEN WORLDS "Few and the Far"

In space, things aren't always as they seem to appear... this never-reprinted tale from Pacific's Alien Worlds #1 (1982) demonstrates not once, but twice...
Admit it.
Writer Bruce Jones and artist Al Williamson fooled you!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "Creatures that Captured Earth"

Do you know the two famous sci-fi stories' plots that were combined to create this tale?
Hint: one original involves robots/androids,, and the other is about cannibalism...
This never-reprinted story by Stan Lee/Larry Lieber and Don Heck from Atlas' World of Fantasy #18 (1959) was based on two classic sci-fi tales...
"With Folded Hands" by Jack Williamson, which premiered in Astounding Science Fiction...
...and was expanded into the novel The Humanoids, (and a sequel, The Humanoid Touch, over 30 years later)!
Though never done on film or tv, the story was adapted to radio on Dimension X (which you can hear HERE) and the basic plot was re-used in the classic Star Trek episode "I, Mudd".
The other plot point, involving decoding an alien text to discover a secret agenda, was probably taken from the 1950 Galaxy Magazine short story "To Serve Man" by Damon Knight.
(Note that the classic Twilight Zone episode adapting the tale wouldn't appear until three years later.)
Also note that, while the comic tale was never reprinted, it was redone only two years later by another of Atlas/Marvel's major artistic stars!
We'll have that story on Monday...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Return to the Swinging '60s with Frankenstein, Dracula, and Wolfman!

Well, we warned you...
As part of the Countdown to Halloween blogathon, our "brother" RetroBlog, Hero Histories, will present the complete runs of the 1960s superhero incarnations of Frankenstein and Dracula., plus the first issue of the superhero WolfMan, which was retitled "Werewolf".
If that doesn't scare your pants off, nothing will!
Be here October 1st!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reading Room ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN "UFOs...Bunk or the Real Thing?"

From the final issue of one of comics' longest-running fantasy anthologies...
Art by "Lou Wahl" (Kurt Schaffenberger)
...comes a tale about an always-popular subject!
Written (as was almost everything at ACG) by editor Richard Hughes using a pseudonym, this cover-featured story from Adventures into the Unknown #174 (1967) was illustrated by Bob Jenney, whose experience with sci-fi/fantasy included numerous movie adaptations like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and Frankenstein).
And speaking of Frankenstein, we have a bit of news about a special Halloween treat for fans of Victor's creation...tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reading Room VOODOO "Goodbye...World!"

 ...with a cover that seemed as if was from another story entirely.
Well, it was, sort of.
The story in Ajax's Midnight #4 (1957) was a reprint of a tale from Ajax's Voodoo #7 (1953), which was published during the height of the horror comics boom!
And, let's just say that Ajax's editorial packager, the Iger Studio, was not noted for its' subtle (or even tasteful) stories.
The heavy hand of the Comics Code Authority forced quite a few changes from the wild original version, as you shall see from the splash onward...
Beyond little things like making the duo who are sent into space to spawn the new human race a married couple instead of a pair of unmarried co-workers, the harpies were redrawn as insect-like humanoids (which made a certain amount of sense), and the ending was totally-redone as a happy ending with humanity surviving the alien onslaught!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Reading Room MIDNIGHT "Project Final X"

Will the world end in an ecological disaster...
...or is it something more sinister?
Now that you've read this story from Ajax's Midnight #4 (1957), you might be asking yourself if it seems like it was a tad...disjointed, and that it didn't make much sense at a couple of points.
There's actually a good reason for thinking that.
The clues are in the cover for that issue...
Look at the differences between the alien you see on the cover and the ones in the story itself.
There's a reason behind it all!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our Halloween Treat...WeirdWorld!

Every Halloween we do something unique...
This year, it'll be re-presenting the never-reprinted WeirdWorld saga.
In response to the then-current release of Ralph Bakshi's animated Lord of the Rings (though writer/co-creator Doug Moench was admant about having never read JRR Tolkien), the series featured art by co-creator Mike Ploog (who worked with Bakshi on Lord and Wizards as well as co-creating Werewolf by Night and the motorcycle-riding Ghost Rider), John Buscema, Rudy Nebres, Peter Leger, P Craig Russell, and Pat Broderick.
It's never been collected in book form or even a reprint mini-series.
But, beginning October 1st, it'll be here, in chronological order.