Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reading Room VOODOO "Goodbye...World!"

 ...with a cover that seemed as if was from another story entirely.
Well, it was, sort of.
The story in Ajax's Midnight #4 (1957) was a reprint of a tale from Ajax's Voodoo #7 (1953), which was published during the height of the horror comics boom!
And, let's just say that Ajax's editorial packager, the Iger Studio, was not noted for its' subtle (or even tasteful) stories.
The heavy hand of the Comics Code Authority forced quite a few changes from the wild original version, as you shall see from the splash onward...
Beyond little things like making the duo who are sent into space to spawn the new human race a married couple instead of a pair of unmarried co-workers, the harpies were redrawn as insect-like humanoids (which made a certain amount of sense), and the ending was totally-redone as a happy ending with humanity surviving the alien onslaught!

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