Saturday, June 21, 2014

Steve Savage--battling Korean Commies for over 50 Years!

One of the benefits of running Atomic Kommie Comics™ is being able to do customized presents for birthdays, holidays, and joyous events like bridal and baby showers (and, at cost, yet)...
I was preparing items for one such baby shower whose invite had...unusual...suggestions for nursery decor gifts; aircraft, specifically fighter aircraft!
(The baby will be a boy, and his dad is in the Air National Guard!)
"No problem", we thought!
After all, Atomic Kommie Comics™ has a whole section on War: Past, Present, & Future™!
So, we planned several customized items, including a bib, newborn onesie, wall clock, and 12-month wall calendar, all with the required fighter theme!
However, a quick glance revealed a minor problem; while we had over a dozen covers with military aircraft, we had only nine with fighters! The others were bombers!
We needed twelve for the calendar!
A quick look thru the extensive Atomic Kommie Comics™ archives showed a whole set of classic comics we hadn't yet touched...Captain Steve Savage and his Jet Fighters!
We selected the three best covers and loaded them up to the calendar template to give us an even dozen images!
Problem solved!

After doing the baby's calendar, we decided to add all three Captain Steve Savage covers to our Korean Police Action kool kollectibles collection for the perusal (and purchase) of all you veterans, relatives of vets, and / or war comics fans!
With North Korea still rattling sabers at the rest of the world (at least when the Mid-East isn't exploding into the headlines), it seemed like the right time (just before the 4th of July!) to return Steve Savage to duty!

Get Steve Savage in your sights, before he gets his sights on you!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "Iron Hulk"

Just before it transformed into Marvel, Atlas Comics was heavy into sci-fi...
...and I'm talking more than the giant monsters like Googam that most people think of.
(Though they were pretty kool...)
This never-reprinted tale from Atlas' World of Fantasy #19 (1959), scripted by either Stan Lee or Larry Lieber, is cliched beyond belief.
The reason I'm re-presenting it is to showcase the lovely art by Joe Sinnott.
While most of you know Sinnott as one of the best inkers in the business, he was also a competent penciler as well.
Ironically, Joe didn't ink much of his own pencil work, since it was subcontracted by Vince Colletta's prolific studio for Charlton, Gold Key, and Dell and inked by Colletta!
Most of it was romance or movie/tv adaptations, so I'll be posting those tales on my other blogs, but I'll link to them here when I do.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reading Room DAN HASTINGS "Enemy That Wouldn't Die!"

...which, it turns out, was a reworked tale from the 1940s!
This original version of the twice-told tale featured ongoing hero Dan Hastings and appeared in Dynamic's Dynamic Comics #20 (1946), illustrated by Ralph Mayo.
Such reuse of already-paid material was not uncommon for some of the smaller comic publishers and packagers.
Sometimes art was reused several times, with totally-rewritten dialogue and different characters, as was done in this case!
BTW, I covered Dan Hastings' history along with another story HERE.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reading Room ZIP-JET COMICS "Space Doom"

Here's a one-shot tale in the Flash Gordon / Buck Rogers vein...
...that's not quite what it seems to be.
Did I say "in the Flash Gordon / Buck Rogers vein"?
Numerous panels are swiped almost verbatim by artist Ralph Mayo from those strips!
Quinto, the villain, looks like Ming the Merciless with five o'clock shadow!
When I came across this tale from St John's Zip-Jet Comics #2 (1953), I had the feeling it was an older story that was reworked.
(In fact, the entire Zip-Jet run consisted of modified reprints, with a couple of new covers and splash pages tossed in!)
Be here Thursday to see the original version of this tale!
Why not tomorrow?
It's a sacred day on our calendar!
Stop by and find out...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Shaggy and Captain Scarlet Have Passed Away...

Well, not quite.
The characters are alive and well.
But the actors who defined them have passed away.
Francis Matthews, who sounded exactly like Cary Grant, was the voice of Captain Scarlet (whose "look" was based on Grant) on the cult-hit 1960s puppet tv series.

Casey Kasem was Shaggy on the various Scooby Doo tv series...
...Robin on the first Batman animated series (1969) as well as several Super Friends series...
...Mark on Battle of the Planets, the first "Americanization" of Gatchaman...
plus Alex on the several Josie and the Pussycat shows and numerous other one-shot voice-overs.

Though they are gone, their performances will live on...
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