Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reading Room ZIP-JET COMICS "Space Doom"

Here's a one-shot tale in the Flash Gordon / Buck Rogers vein...
...that's not quite what it seems to be.
Did I say "in the Flash Gordon / Buck Rogers vein"?
Numerous panels are swiped almost verbatim by artist Ralph Mayo from those strips!
Quinto, the villain, looks like Ming the Merciless with five o'clock shadow!
When I came across this tale from St John's Zip-Jet Comics #2 (1953), I had the feeling it was an older story that was reworked.
(In fact, the entire Zip-Jet run consisted of modified reprints, with a couple of new covers and splash pages tossed in!)
Be here Thursday to see the original version of this tale!
Why not tomorrow?
It's a sacred day on our calendar!
Stop by and find out...

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