Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reading Room: COMMANDER BATTLE AND THE ATOMIC SUB "Battle Beneath the Earth" that you've read the built-in synopsis, let's proceed, but with one caveat: this part of the story (despite being Comics Code-approved) is possibly NSFW due to politically-incorrect racial attitudes.
SPOILER: The "new, exciting mystery character" will quickly replace one of the original four Atomic Commandos.
Is he...
  • 1) an alien?
  • 2) a teen sidekick?
  • 3) an alien teen?
You'll find out when Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub return this summer!
Two points:
1) You'd think the giants would find blonde and red-headed Belotti just a bit out-of-place.
2) I wonder if Irwin Allen saw this series, years before either the movie or tv versions of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
Besides the similar plots to several episodes of the tv series, Allen's use of a submarine-berthed aircraft (the Flying Sub) seems more than coincidental.
Just sayin'...
The script for Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub #2 (1954) by Richard Hughes, the Stan Lee of ACG who wrote practically everything at the company during his tenure as editor/writer!
Pencils by Sheldon Moldoff, inks by Al Camy, Odgen Whitney and others.

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