Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reading Room TIME TRAVELERS "Amazons of Venus"

"We must beat the Communists to Venus..."
" order to prevent the atomic war predicted by Nostradamus!"
The first Time Travelers tale was a fairly-straightforward 1950s sci-fi story.
But this one goes wayyyy out there with numerous cliches of the era including...
Cavemen and dinosaurs co-existing in prehistoric times!
Venus as a vegetation-covered world ruled by beautiful, half-clad women who keep their males subservient!
Commie spies in business suits...even when they're on another world!
Travel between planets taking about the same amount of time as the average morning commute!
Written by Richard Hughes and illustrated by Ken Bald, this story from Operation: Peril #2 (1950) expands the strip's concept to include space and time travel by integrating the time technology into a spacecraft provided by the US government.
As a result, the emphasis will switch from Communist threats to alien attacks.
Despite this, the series' title will remain "Time Travelers" for the entire run.

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