Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reading Room TIME TRAVELERS "Date with Danger"

Sci-fi of the 1950s wasn't limited to space opera... this series from the AGC adventure anthology comic Operation: Peril demonstrates!
Operation: Peril was an interesting multi-genre anthology featuring on-going strips about time travel (as seen above), a hard-boiled private eye (Danny Danger), and high adventure in the Pacific (Typhoon Tyler), as well as a historical short story.
While the other series featured stand-alone stories, Time Travelers presented a couple of on-going plotlines, as you'll see in future posts.
Though Time Travelers didn't appear on the first few covers, by issue #4, they took over the cover spot until their final appearance in #12, after which the book changed focus and became a war comic.
This premiere tale from Operation: Peril #1 (1950) was written by Richard Hughes and illustrated by Ken Bald.
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