Friday, September 21, 2012

Reading Room: SPACE RANGERS "Operation PLUTO"

We continue the scientifically-silly adventures of the Space Rangers...
...with a tale from Space Adventures #2 (1952) that, even in the 1950s, didn't make sense!
You'll note the Space Rangers are now referred to as "Space Officers".
We're not certain why, since tv's Rocky Jones: Space Ranger didn't debut for another two years, and DC Comics' Space Ranger didn't appear until 1958, so it's not a trademark or copyright problem!
For whatever reason, the "Space Officers" moniker will remain for the duration of the series.
This tale from Charlton's Space Adventures #2 (1952) was illustrated by Art Cappello, who followed Al Fago & Lou Morales' costume and character designs.
The writer is unknown.

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