Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reading Room: "Good Lord!"

A very kool tribute to Weird Science and Weird Fantasy (& Weird Science-Fantasy)...
...featuring inking by the "Crusty Bunkers", an all-star art team in the vein of (appropriately enough) the "Fleagle Gang" who did a lot of sci-fi work for EC Comics and others in the 1950s!
"The Fleagle Gang", who would help each other out with tight deadlines in the 1950s, consisted of Al Williamson, Angelo Torres, Frank Frazetta, and Roy Krenkel with occasional assistance by Wally Wood and Joe Orlando.
Their work were often art "jams" with people doing anything from a figure or backgrounds in a panel to full pages at a shot.
We presented samples of the "Fleagle Gang's" art recently in our Space Ace re-presentations HERE and HERE.
The 1970s equivalent was called "The Crusty Bunkers", and consisted mostly of artists based at Neal Adams' Continuity Associates art studio.
On this particular tale from the b/w magazine Marvel Preview #1 (1975), they were...(in alphabetical order) Neal Adams, Terry Austin, Pat Broderick, Russ Heath, and Joe Rubenstein.
And, like the Fleagles, they inked the story piecemeal, so you can see several different artists' styles on various pages, and even individual panels!
Penciler Dave Cockrum himself was at an artistic peak, having finished his run on Legion of Super-Heroes and was working on the then-recently-revived X-Men series that would make Marvel mutants marketable again!

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