Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reading Room: SPACE ACE "Death in Deep Space"

The final chapter in the short, but exciting, life of Space Ace 2.5!
Art by Al Williamson, the Fleagle Gang, and a special guest-star!
Can you guess who?
Only 50,000 credits?
Last time it was 1,000,000,000.
Space Ace must be slipping!
A hearty Atomic Kommie Comics™ "well done" to all those who spotted the legendary Wally Wood's distinctive style in a number of panels of this tale from Jet #4 (1951)!
It's a spectacular send-off for the character, written by Gardner Fox, penciled by Al Williamson and inked by Williamson, the Fleagle Gang, and Wally Wood.
Space Ace would reappear in a one-shot that reprinted the first Space Ace's tales from Manhunt in 1954.
The two Lawrence Woromay-illustrated tales were reprinted when Super/IW Comics reprinted the complete contents of Jet #1 & #2 in Jet Power #1 & #2 in 1958.
This story has been reprinted in several fanzines and prozines, but never in color.
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