Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reading Room: INTERPLANETARY POLICE "Mirror of Doom" Conclusion

Yes, I know we've used this art before, but it's the only time the InterPlanetary Police appeared on the cover!
Tanya, the Space Siren, constructed a giant mirror on the surface of a small planetoid.
With it, she focused the Sun's rays at the frozen planet Simia in order to melt it's icy coating and then mine the previously-unreachable platinum beneath it's surface.
However, without the solar radiation she diverted, Earth is now freezing!
Needless to say, the InterPlanetary Police tracked down the source of the solar energy drain and landed on the tiny planetoid...
It's 59 years later, and we're still looking (she was one hot babe)...
This final high-adventure story from Buster Brown Comic Book #32 (1953) was written by Hobart Donovan, penciled by Reed Crandall, and inked by Ray Wilner.
The book continued for another eleven issues, ending in late 1956.

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