Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reading Room: INTERPLANETARY POLICE "Mirror of Doom" Part 1

Let's leave Barsoom for another universe...
...as we present the final tale of the InterPlanetary Police by an artist who's no stranger to sci-fi (including the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs), Reed Crandall!
And, with that, we temporarily break contact with the brave spacemen of the InterPlanetary Police until tomorrow, when we conclude their final battle against the Siren of Space!

This high-adventure story from Buster Brown Comic Book #32 (1953) was written by Hobart Donovan, penciled by Reed Crandall, and inked by Ray Wilner.
As we mentioned, Reed Crandall was no stranger to the many worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
He illustrated several Canaveral Press hardback editions including John Carter of Mars and Tarzan and the Madman, as well as doing art for a couple of books that didn't see print.

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