Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reading Room: INTERPLANETARY POLICE "Space Trap" Conclusion

Tanya, the Space Siren, attacks a space liner, but doesn't steal anything!
Captain Bruce Warren of the InterPlanetary Police is briefed that she's looking for a supply of Atovar, a new fuel more powerful and efficient than Uranium!
Word is leaked that the Star Queen will be transporting the fuel to Venus with the intent that Warren and his brother, Officer Terry Warren, will capture the Space Siren when she attempts to steal it!
The Siren hijacks the cargo, and returns to her secret base with the InterPlanetary Police trailing behind.
As the cops land on the planetoid, the Siren's men open the containers to discover...
When we rejoin Bruce and Terry next issue, the Mars situation is already cleared up and they're on their way back from Venus!
This never-reprinted story from Buster Brown Comic Book #29 (1952) was written by Hobart Donovan, penciled by Ray Bailey and Reed Crandall, and inked by Ray Willner.
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