Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reading Room: INTERPLANETARY POLICE "Space Trap" Part 1

Tanya, the Space Siren has another cunning plan...
...and only Bruce Warren (and his little brother Terry) can stop her nefarious scheme in this tale from Buster Brown Comic Book #29 (1952)!
 What do they find?
(We know, but we ain't talking!)
You'll have to be here tomorrow to discover the startling secret!

The eagle-eyed among you will notice a redesign of the police uniforms and spacecraft from the previous story.
Reed Crandall, who finished the pencils over Ray Bailey's layouts, revamped them in a more "Flash Gordon" style rather than the utilitarian "Space Cadet" look they initially had.
Crandall took over full penciling as of the next issue.
Written by Hobart Donovan.
Penciled by Ray Bailey and Reed Crandall
Inked by Ray Willner.

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