Saturday, June 5, 2010

Metropolis: Fritz Lang's Classic...RESTORED!

One of the seminal films of the genre, Metropolis has influenced countless other sci-fi films, tv shows, even comics.
From the set design of Blade Runner to the robot C3PO in the Star Wars series to costuming in The BodyGuard, elements of Metropolis' production design have been used and reused, and continue to be used...
As for the film itself, there have been spin-off anime, novels, graphic novels (by comics legend Michael Kaluta, no less!), even a West End musical (and how many silent movies have had that honor?)!
Now, a restored version of the film with almost a half-hour of unseen-for-decades footage has been released!
To celebrate, we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ have released a half-dozen designs based on the original movie posters emblazoned on a new line of kool kollectibles including t-shirts, mugs, and other funky items, most of them featuring iconic imagery of the robotrix Maria! (Actually, we did them for ourselves, and they turned out so well that we decided to release them to the public!)
Enjoy, and catch the film at an arthouse near you NOW!

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