Friday, February 8, 2008

MORE "Lost" Heroes FOUND!

With Project SuperPowers a certified hit (If you haven't already picked it up, go BUY IT NOW!) and The Next Issue Project about to hit the stores, Atomic Kommie Comics has expanded our lineup of Golden Age heroes whose classic covers now adorn collectibles from T-Shirts to messenger bags to mugs, etc. in our Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics line!
America's Best Comics
Big 3
Air Man
Black Terror (including a "1st appearance" cover image!)
Boy King (including a "1st appearance" cover image!)
Captain Triumph (including a "1st appearance" cover image!)
The Claw
The Clock
The Face aka "Mr Face"
Fantom of the Fair
Fighting Yank (including a "1st appearance" cover image!)
The Flame
Golden Boy (including a "1st appearance" cover image!)
Green Lama (including a "1st cover appearance" cover image!)
HydroMan & Rainbow Boy (including a "1st appearance" cover image!)
Miss Masque "Masquerade" (including a "1st cover appearance" image!)
Monster of Frankenstein "F-Troop"
The Owl
Samson, who's in BOTH Project SuperPowers & The Next Issue Project! (including a "1st appearance" cover image!)
Silver Streak (including a "1st cover appearance" image!)
Sky Wizard
V-Man (one of the souls who make up "The American Spirit")
Zip-Jet/RocketMan & RocketGirl
Plus: a Solo Heroes section with characters who have only one cover image available at this point, including The Arrow, Amazing Man, Black Cobra, DareDevil (the 1940s original aka "the Death-Defying 'Devil"), Detective Eye, Doc Strange, Green Giant, Green Mask, PyroMan, & SkyMan. (But we're constantly adding new images as we acquire or borrow more Golden Age comics!)
And: Lost Heroes LogoWear with our retro-style logo!

And BUY Project SuperPowers & The Next Issue Project!

Monday, February 4, 2008

You, too, can be FIGHTING YANK! (or at least wear his uniform shirt)!

We at Atomic Kommie Comics are really blown away by Alex Ross' Project SuperPowers!
(What can I say, I'm a serious fanboy!)
In fact, besides the retro cover art we offer at Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics, we've started a line of "hero insignia" shirts which will come in handy come convention season in making uniforms for the costume contest!
First up is Fighting Yank, with a bold 48-star flag unfurling proudly on the chest (Remember, Hawaii & Alaska didn't become states until the late 1950s!) and a tiny official Lost Heroes logo on the back collar area (where it won't be seen under your cape!).
Available as a sweatshirt or long-sleeve t-shirt, depending on how much padding you feel you need to achieve the "heroic" look you want. Tricorn hat not included. Sorry.
And, we the usual assortment of other kool kollectibles like MousePads, Messenger Bags, Magnets, etc.
Coming soon: more Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics hero insignia shirts including Black Terror, Miss Masque, Targeteers, etc.
Plus: Comic Book Logo shirts 'n stuff using the original cover logos for Black Terror, Green Lama, Flame, etc, as well as the titles like America's Best Comics, Startling Comics, Exciting Comics, Silver Streak, etc. most of them started in before graduating to their own books!
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