Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "These are the Star Men"

Here's a never-reprinted space opera saga from a surprising Bronze Age source...
...a cautionary tale about taking what's not yours!

The Bronze Age run of DC's Adventure Comics began by moving the long-running Legion of Super-Heroes feature to back-up Action Comics, while Action's back-up Supergirl, was moved to take over Adventure.

When Adventure's page count (along with all DC titles) went up as the line's price increased from 15 to 25 cents in 1971, the book featured a variety of back-ups including Zatanna, classic Supergirl reprints, and inventory sci-fi tales by noted artists.
This particular one is from Adventure Comics #420 (1972), written and pencilled by Howard Purcell, an artist/writer whose work on over 600 stories and covers spanned the Golden and Silver Ages, and inked by George Roussos.
My impression is that this was a "pilot" for an ongoing These are the Star Men anthology strip, since the title really doesn't relate to the particular story, and the opening caption states "This is Con Rikon's story...", indicating it would be one of many such tales.

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