Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Reading Room SPACE ADVENTURES "Horrible Enemy"

was going to run the cover-featured Steve Ditko story about the "Menace of Magneto"...
...but then I saw the tale plugged by the vignette at the bottom of the cover!
This never-reprinted tale from Charlton's Space Adventures V2N5 (1969) looks like manga, but it's not!
It's "manhwa"...Korean comics!
The art for this cliched Joe Gill-scripted story is by noted Korean artist Sanho Kim, in his second story for Charlton.
Sanho Kim (or Kim San-ho) was already an acclaimed writer/artist in South Korea before coming to the US in 1964.
Illustrating a wide variety of genres including romance, horror, war, and martial arts, Sanho worked primarily for Charlton, with occasional work for Warren (where he also wrote the tales he illustrated), Marvel, and Skywald, totaling several hundred stories.
Sanho returned to South Korea in 1996 and continues to write and illustrate at the age of 75.
He received the Order of Cultural Merit (much like the Kennedy Center Honors in America) in 2008.
You can read a gothic romance tale he illustrated in the 1970s for Charlton HERE.
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