Sunday, May 16, 2021

Asians and Asian-Americans in Comics...Continued

More from our ongoing examination of how American comics portray Asians and Asian-Americans...
Meet the only costumed Golden Age Asian super-heroine in (where else?)
The Blackhawks' Chinese teammate "Chop-Chop" gets not just one, but two different stories of how he joined the already-established aviator team!
His Silver Age origin at his politically-incorrect (and somewhat racist) Golden Age Origin at
Meet the immortal "World's Greatest Lover" who seduces (among others) Pacific Islanders in...
Discover secrets about the 1970s Charlie Chan cartoon (and other media versions) that you never dreamed of in...
and finally, meet the villain who's personified the racist concept of "Yellow Peril" for over a century in...

There's lots more coming!
Don't miss it!

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