Saturday, July 27, 2019

Reading Room SPACE PATROL "TestTube Tyler"

Let's jump into the weekend with a workplace joke...but with a sci-fi twist!
This never-reprinted one pager from Ziff-Davis' Space Patrol #2 (1952) was Testtube Tyler's sole appearance.
Obviously, Cedrick never reappeared either.
And, to top it off, the writer and artist (who may be one and the same or two different people) are unknown.

Friday, July 26, 2019


Some things never go out-of-date... dumb jokes and juvenile humor, as these panels from Mirth of a Nation #5 (1943) demonstrate!
Five issues were produced by the Harry "A" Chesler Jr. Features Syndicate for the short-lived Wm H Wise & Company.
Each issue had this notice on the first page...

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Reading Room WEIRD THRILLERS "Space-Age Glass"

What a great concept!
Presented in Ziff-Davis' Weird Thrillers #3 (1952), this short extrapolates a kool idea from then-current scientific knowledge.
Sadly, both writer and artist are unknown.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder JOHN CARTER "Death has Three Heads"

Continuing the Secret Diaries of John Carter... we're presenting the never-reprinted "Secret Diaries" mini-series that ran in DC Comics' Tarzan Family in 1976!
The Adventure Concludes...Next Wednesday!
Of course, it goes without saying that since these are the "secret diaries" of John Carter, that he must have survived in order to write them...
This all-new tale from DC's Tarzan Family #63 (1976) was written by Bob Kanigher, penciled by Noly Zamora and inked by Vic Catan..with several panels redrawn by editor (and comics legend) Joe Kubert!
As we mentioned earlier, this mini-series has never been reprinted since it's publication in 1976, even in the recent Dark Horse trade paperback that presented all the other John Carter stories that appeared in Tarzan and Weird Worlds!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Reading Room PETER RABBIT "Trouble on the Moon!"

We wanted to present a Moon-themed Space Mouse story in tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11...
but all we could find was this strip also by Space Mouse's writer/artist Frank Carin!
This never-reprinted tale from Avon's Peter Rabbit #30 (1955-6) was...scheduled for last Friday's post, but we felt a serious story would be more appropriate the day before the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing!
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Golden Treasury of
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Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday Madness ALICE "Alice in Puzzleland"

Before we present the final Alice tale and transition to the  book's "sister" title; Fairy Tales...
...we thought we'd run the never-reprinted one-pagers so common to comics of the era!
Yeah, someone drew the alligator's outline in the comic!
At least they didn't mark up the inside back cover...
Writer-artist Dave Berg did these one-pagers from Ziff-Davis' Alice #11 (1951) as well as the final Alice story that you'll see next Monday!
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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Design of the Week Redux RETRO SPACEMAN

Each week, we post a limited-edition design, to be sold for exactly 7 days, then replaced with another...unless it sells really well, then we run it for a second week!
This Week:  We continue to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the ACTUAL landing on the Moon with this classic 1950s comic book cover art...
...featuring a kitchy, retro-style spaceman (complete with ray gun), a leering monster, and a helpless woman ready to be rescued!
Available on a plethora of products HERE!