Thursday, December 12, 2019

Holiday Reading Room BIBLE TALES FOR YOUNG FOLKS "Nativity: the Birth of Jesus

Over the years, many comics companies did Bible-themed projects...
...such as Atlas Comics' Bible Tales for Young Folk which presented this never-reprinted story in its first issue!
The writer is unknown, but the penciler/inker is the legendary Joe Sinnott, best known for his inking of Jack Kirby and John Buscema on the Fantastic Four during the Silver Age.
(In truth, Joe's done an incredible amount of truly-spectacular work in comics, but that's the first thing most fans think of.)
Joe also did quite a bit of work for Treasure Chest, a comic distributed semi-monthly only to parochial schools during the school year that ran over 500 issues.
Oddly, none of Sinnott's stories were Bible adaptations (which TC did a lot of).
Bible Tales lasted five issues in 1953 and '54, mixing New and Old Testament stories into each issue, illustrated by the cream of the Atlas (later MarvelComics crew including; Jerry Robinson, Don Rico, Syd Shores, Fred Kida, Bernie Krigstein, Bill Everett, Joe Maneely, and Gene Colan!

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