Saturday, March 3, 2018

The SEQUEL to the Swinging Seventies Black Super-Hero You NEVER Heard of...ACE OF SPADES II!

In 1971, two years before The Black Panther received his own series...
...a Black Super-Hero hit the newsstands of America for a two-issue run almost nobody remembers!
Who is he?
Where did he come from?
And why don't even the most obsessive comics fans remember him?
These, and other equally-valid questions are now answered at...
The Answers May NOT Be Suitable For the Faint-Hearted!
Click HERE at Your Own Risk!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Fun JETTA OF THE 21st CENTURY "Zoomer: Frat Race"

Jetta in the 21st Century told tales about other characters in the same future setting...
...creating a more extensive "universe" than you might have realized!
Though based on Dan DeCarlo's designs, the art on this never-reprinted story from Standard's Jetta of the 21st Century #5 (1952) about other students who weren't part of Jetta's entourage is by Fred Eng.
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Dan DeCarlo's Jetta

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Reading Room PHANTASMAGORIA "Sinking Feeling"

One of the most unique talents to ever grace the comics field...
...Kenneth Smith's work is hard to find, but well-worth tracking down, as this story he wrote and illustrated proves!
This tale from Smith's self-published Phantasmagoria #2 (1972) is a pretty good example of both his scripting and illustrating, both of which are multi-layered and require several readings to grasp all the details.
Kenneth Smith's about as close to an actual Renaissance Man as has ever contributed to the comics field!
His best-known work was the self-published anthology Phantasmagoria, whose every aspect, including printing, was under his total control! 
Fantagraphics was so impressed they offered not only to publish a continuation of it (available below), they gave him an open forum for his writing, as shown HERE!
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Trump Reading Room TRUE COMICS "There Are NO Master Races"

Sometimes Don the Con's sheepie have to be reminded of basic biological facts...
...and what better way than with pictures?
Appearing in Parents Magazine Press' True Comics #39 (1944), this short piece took anthropological scientific data (from the brochure shown below) and presented it in an easily-digestible form, which even today's Trumpettes could understand...I hope!
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The Races of Mankind
(the HTF illustrated pamphlet that served as the basis for the strip shown above!)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Here's a never-reprinted cautionary tale...
...from Atlas' Adventure in Mystery #7 (1957) whose "moral" is a little lost on me...
All Andrew Morris really needs is someone to doublecheck his time/space coordinates!
If he does decide to collaborate with others when he rebuilds, I'd hope he register a patent for for the system first!
Better safe, than sorry!
Marvin Stein does a fine job visualizing this tale by an unknown writer.
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Monday, February 26, 2018

Reading Room NORGE BENSON "Invasion of the Lederhosen Aliens"

The writing takes an odd turn... Plutonians looking like a weird mix of 1930s-40s Swiss and Germans take advantage of an unusual situation...
While not an overt Nazi analogue, these previously-unseen Plutonians from Fiction House's Planet Comics #25 (1943) seem to be looking for expanded Lebensraum ("living space"), much as Hitler's Germany did in the late 1930s!
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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Trump Reading Room MYSTERY IN SPACE "The Following Program is Pre-Recorded"

In this era of podcasts, which will be on the internet as long as the servers storing them operate...,
...such a tale as this might seem passe...except for the ending!
Appearing in the final issue (#117) of DC's Mystery in Space in 1981, and written by B S Watson, penciled by Don Newton, and inked by Steve Mitchell, the story takes the "last man on Earth" scenario to an unbelievably-narcissistic level!
I mean, he's the last person alive and all he can think of doing is recording and transmitting himself?
As to why it's a "Trump Reading Room" and not "Reading Room", tale?
Because we can see the world ending up  like this due to the Cheeto Benito's actions, and one of his followers surviving to become the self-obsessed fool we see here!
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